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We offer a range of One to One options tailored to meet individual needs. You may be an established Leader or Manager in your field and want to enjoy the benefits of having an independent business coach whose role is to offer you a  blend of challenge and support and who is committed to your personal and professional development needs and aspirations. 


Equally you may be someone who would like to enhance your performance for a specific task (for instance a presentation for which you need to build confidence). Again, individual one to one sessions can be enormously valuable.


          Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching

In business, we give most of our attention to our clients, customers and to our products and services. Rarely does allocating time to stepping back and developing ourselves seem part of the job. Yet when we do, everyone benefits – you benefit, your colleagues benefit, your clients benefit and so too does your bottom line.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching is tailored one to one confidential personal and professional development. It takes an ‘inside out’ approach to professional performance and development - offering individual executives and leaders the opportunity to develop in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Why the need for Executive Coaching - what are the benefits?

The payoffs from individual focused coaching are different for different people. People come to coaching for very different reasons. Some managers have been promoted and find they aren’t as well equipped for their role as they’d like to be. Others want to continue to develop themselves and operate in their stretch zone. Yet others know they have areas they’d like to develop. And coaching is particularly effective when the person wants to grow, develop and get the most from themselves and those around them. Frequently coaching is values driven, so helps reconnect a person with their values and empowering behaviours. Here’s a few of the benefits that some of our clients have told us they have got from coaching:


          Sharpened my leadership skills and helped me increase my effectiveness as a leader

          increased my influence with others

          helped me improve my performance and productivity

          helped me to understand and improve how I communicate and relationships in general

          motivated me through understanding what’s important and gaining greater internal congruence

          got me to recognize and leverage my strengths and potential

          encouraged me to take more initiative in situations where I used to hold back helped me to reconnect with what I’m passionate about and to inspire others to be the same

          developed my capacity to respond powerfully and flexibly to situations which arise on a day to day basis

          increased my motivation exponentially

          enhanced my decision making skills and stopped me procrastinating

          helped me to ‘let go’ and develop my subordinates

          really helped me to identify and eliminate blocks and obstacles that significantly limited my performance

          provided the catalyst for accelerating change and keeping up the momentum of change continuing

          provided great support so that we could continue to be consistently high performers

          a great sounding board and huge assistance in resolving conflict before they became performance-impairing issues

How does executive coaching work?

Executive coaching brings a powerful partnership that provides structure, challenge, accountability, feedback and support. It is run as a programme of regular sessions between the coach and the client. During the intake session, you and your coach will agree a framework for your coaching partnership that will include location, duration, frequency, the nature of the coaching partnership and how coaching works. Your primary coaching goals are also defined along with an agreed process through which to achieve them. 

Who is it for?


          Managing Directors, Partners, Directors & Managers: who wish to maximise performance both personally and professionally, enhance communication and coaching skills and achieve a greater professional and personal balance within their lives. Coaching also accelerates and increases the success of newly appointed managers and executives, and develops management and leadership ability within more technically oriented employees.


          Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: who wish to sharpen their leadership and influencing skills, enhance relationships with clients, frequently leading to generating more business.




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